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Tech Check develops government solutions at the local and state levels to protect residents, infrastructure, and network operations. We work with governments to develop comprehensive approaches to network infrastructure and digital transformation, so agencies can make the optimal use of both existing and new technologies to meet their goals. As a result, governments are better able to maintain consistent operations as they adopt cloud, advanced analytics, security protocols, and other technologies to drive greater efficiency and responsiveness. Contact our team of experts today to develop the right government solutions for your agency.

Stay Connected

Tech Check can help you check all the boxes when it comes to delivering flexible, yet secure access to data and resources while saving you money.

Protect Your Data

We have years of experience in providing disaster recovery, organizational continuity and document management to ensure you’re up and running even when a disaster strikes.

Boost Efficiency

Tech Check makes it easy for employees to be more productive and efficient by leveraging smart solutions, such as Office 365 and VoIP, to streamline their daily activities.

Improve Security

We’ll keep your servers, data, network and endpoints safe without the worry of adding unnecessary cost or complexity.

Server Management

Where we run daily, weekly and monthly service processes and maintenance tasks in order to ensure the longevity of your IT Infrastructure.

Network Audit

Adhering to monitoring and auditing policies is a challenge. With ransomware and malware a constant threat, Tech Check can establish alerting, configuration comparison, scheduled backups, and reporting capabilities. Let our expertise review your security practices and keep your network safe.