Localize Traffic Patterns

Are you maximizing your network bandwidth?

Let Tech Check optimize your advanced server support network with a custom caching solution.

Internet and intranet traffic is growing at a phenomenal rate—doubling every 100 days. Such rapid increase in network traffic has created numerous networking challenges for Internet service providers (ISPs) and enterprises. The most efficient solution to these networking problems is to use your existing network infrastructure to localize traffic patterns, enabling content requests to be fulfilled locally. The first step in building traffic localization is enabling transparent redirection technology, such as a network caches, at key points within your network. Network caches transparently cache or store frequently accessed content and then locally fulfill successive requests for the same content, eliminating repetitive transmission of identical content over WAN links.

Key Features

Workload Acceleration and Operational Efficiency for Applications

  • Accelerates performance of applications up to four times by caching the “hot” data on solid state drives (SSDs).
  • Improves operational efficiency by utilizing your existing server array controllers.
  • Allows you to introduce SSD technology into server configurations at a controlled pace while providing application acceleration.
  • Supports read and Write-Backed caching and read and Write-Through caching.
  • Provides data protection to the data on Cache Volume (SSDs).

Unified Manageability and Simplicity in the Data Center

  • Enables unified management for administrators.
  • Simplifies deployment by seamlessly integrating into your data center without the need for any application or operating system changes.