Transform your SAN

A reliable, scalable and budget-friendly storage solution.

Fiber Channel is the standard technology used to implement SANs and other high-end data storage solutions. Fiber Channel provides a high-speed serial interface that merges features of data storage and data networking technologies. Fiber Channel provides one gigabit per second speeds and allows variable media types, multiple protocols, and different interconnection topologies. This new interface was designed for a high-performance, reliable, low-latency, scalable network optimized for server-to-storage and server-to-server connections.


  • One gigabit per second performance
  • 10 kilometer maximum cable distance
  • Smaller connectors and thinner cables than SCSI
  • Support for multiple protocols and command sets
  • Defined data link and transport schemes
  • Guaranteed in order delivery of data frames with flow control
  • Hardware-managed error detection for reduced network overhead
  • Support for point-to-point, arbitrated loop (FC-AL), or switched fabric topologies
  • Support for mixed copper and fiber optic media