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Fully integrate your communications.

Compared to traditional phone systems, a Voice over Internet Phone (VoIP) system gives you almost unlimited options for mobility, interoperability, and connectivity. VoIP systems utilize new or existing networks to seamlessly integrate communications. Tech Check can design a system for any environment though hard phones, soft phone apps, WiFi enabled phones, and extension modules depending on the needs and requirements of each company or organization.

The biggest advantage that VoIP delivers to a network is its unified communications. As a direct result of all communications being sent through IP networks, a business is able to combine and integrate their collaboration. VoIP empowers users to be able to work remotely more efficiently, to stay secure with IP-based security and facility access, to visually work together with conferencing end-points and cloud solutions, to view the status of coworkers, and the best part is that all these benefits integrate together into a seamless communications solution.

Key VoIP System Design Features

  • Easy install and setup
  • Easy scaling
  • Phone numbers that follow you and your employees
  • The technology supports older technology
  • Wide availability and economical implementation
  • Simple integration with other software applications.
  • Range of device options
  • Seamless set up on existing internet connections
  • Use your existing Internet connection
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities