Easy Configuration

Make your workspace flexible and efficient.

For all businesses and organizations, people are the most important asset. How they work together, communicate, and collaborate is the primary driver of success. Because of this, the technology that is deployed to connect people should enhance the way they operate together. Tech Check can provide the installation of a VoIP (Voice over Internet Phone) system that increases efficiency, productivity, and collaboration.

The upfront installation cost of a brand new phone system can definitely be something that scares away customers. Fortunately, transitioning analog communication networks over to a VoIP network can be done slowly. Through the use of gateways and analog telephone adapters, customers can protect their current investment by utilizing their existing analog endpoints while benefiting from the cost saving and functionality that VoIP provides to their business. Because VoIP operates within an already existing Internet network, physical setup of the system is nonintrusive and quick. Most VoIP phones need only a network connection or router. Some newer models might not need cables at all and can connect to your network simply through WiFi.

VoIP systems easily can be combined with other Internet-based business applications. Outbound and inbound calls can easily be linked to a user’s desktop and CRM or ERP systems to display customer records. Voicemails and incoming faxes can also be set to go to certain emails based on extension. Lastly, soft phones and CTI (computer telephony integration) applications increase user efficiency by providing a desktop application from which users can place and fully manage calls.