Enable multicast support

Is your airplay being used to its full potential?

Tech Check is able to configure a Wireless LAN solution as it pertains to supporting Multicast for Apple Airplay applications such as Apple’s Bonjour protocol. This protocol enables Apple devices to query and announce specific services such as AirPlay which allows audio and video to be shared between devices dynamically.

Multicast for Apple Airplay Bonjour protocol operates on service announcements and service queries which allow devices to ask and advertise specific applications, such as:

  • Printing services
  • File sharing services
  • Remote desktop services
  • iTunes file sharing
  • iTunes Wireless iDevice Syncing (in Apple iOS v5.0+)
  • AirPlay, which offers these streaming services:
    • Music broadcasting in iOS v4.2+
    • Video broadcasting in iOS v4.3+
    • Full screen mirroring in iOS v5.0+ (iPad2, iPhone4S or later)