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Fully customized spam filtering solutions.

No one likes spam or junk email. While most email platforms have spam filtering pre-installed, Tech Check is able to configure a customized filter solution for either your Gmail accounts, or Microsoft Exchange network and change the level of protection it provides. You may want to change a protection setting to deal with a specific issue in your organization—say you’re receiving a lot of spam from a particular sender, for example—or to simply fine tune your settings so that they’re tailored to best meet the needs of your organization.

Approved or Safe Senders List
Email addresses and domain names in an approved list are never treated as junk email, regardless of the content of the message. You can add your contacts and other correspondents to this list. However, by design, safe domains are not recognized by default in Exchange Online or in Exchange Online Protection. Only blocked domains, blocked sender addresses, and safe sender addresses are recognized.

Safe Recipients List
If you belong to a mailing list or a distribution list, you can add the list sender to the Safe Recipients List. Messages sent to these email addresses or domain names are never treated as junk, regardless of the content of the message.

Restricted or Blocked Senders List
You can easily block messages from particular senders by adding their email addresses or domain names to the Blocked Senders List. When you add a name or email address to this list, your inbox moves any incoming message from that source to a junk folder. Messages from people or domain names that appear in this list are always classified as junk, regardless of the content of the message.

Blocked Top-Level Domains list
To block unwanted email messages from another country/region, you can add country/region codes to the Blocked Top-Level Domains List. For example, checking the CA [Canada], US [United States], and MX [Mexico] boxes in the list blocks messages from email addresses that end in .ca, .us, and .mx.

Blocked Encodings list
To block unwanted email messages that appear in another character set or alphabet, you can add encodings to the Blocked Encodings List.