Fast, Reliable Service Provisioning

Secure setup of your remote network.

Provisioning/Access manages IP communication endpoints and services in an integrated IP telephony, video, voicemail, and unified messaging environment. Tech Check’s team of experts can develop the right solutions to help build your wireless network.

Provisioning provides the following features:

  • Provisioning/Access for initial deployments and implementations, and then remains deployed to provide ongoing operational provisioning and activation services for individual users.
  • A single, consolidated view of users across the organization. It provides a set of business-level management abstractions, which are policy-driven by using automation, for managing user services across applications.
  • Template capability, which permits defining standard configurations that can be reused for new sites or location deployments. Batch provisioning permits the rollout of large numbers of users at the same time.
  • Administrators can configure policy at various levels to determine who can do delegated management, for whom that delegation applies, how business-level services apply, and which types of users are permitted to order which standard services.