Keep everyone informed

Does your facility have the right building public address (PA) & lockdown systems?

A network audio system answers the need for different kinds of informative messages and updates in environments like schools, retail stores, hotels and public buildings. For example, you can use your network audio system to make live announcements calling someone to a specific area (such as a colleague to the clothing department). To make scheduled announcements (about the start of the school day, for instance). Or to issue live or triggered announcements during an emergency. Communicate easier and with more peace of mind with building public address (PA) & lockdown systems from Tech Check.

Audio Management Software
Audio management software lets you efficiently manage and control your audio system regardless of its size and complexity.

Background Music for Business
Network audio systems let you manage your music, delivering it via speakers to your customers at the right volume and at the time and place of your choice. You can, of course, also use our audio systems to deliver live or pre-recorded voice announcements whenever appropriate.

A network audio system is the perfect addition to a video based security installation. Perimeter protection is a great example of this by giving a warning to the intruder using the audio system. More often than not this type of warning is sufficient, preventing the need for additional security measures.

K-12 Solutions

Through our partner Audio Enhancement, Tech Check is able to help deploy communication and security systems designed specifically for a K-12 campus setting. Audio Enhancement offers different system packages to fit any environment.

EPIC (Education Paging & Intercom Communications) System™ was built from the ground up specifically for K-12 education and provides industry-leading access to all of the functions needed every day to efficiently operate a modern K-12 campus. EPIC System features flexibility in bell scheduling and zone creation. Anyone with appropriate credentials can manipulate bells and zones. 2-way intercom with every classroom and emergency notifications are also included with EPIC System. It has never been easier to communicate with the entire campus or directly communicate to a specific location, as the situation arises. School bells are a critical function for a campus, so EPIC System provides a flexible and easy-to-use bell scheduling tool. The interactive campus map provides situational awareness for all communications and urgent situations.

SAFE (Signal Alert For Education) System™ is an alert and notification solution that connects teachers and classrooms to first responders for quick response and communication. The integration of SAFE System with the Teacher Microphone gives teachers a personal duress button, providing the ability to send alerts instantly, from anywhere in the school. Office staff are able to discreetly acknowledge the alert, letting teachers know that help is on the way. The web-based interface gives administrators the ability to provide direction and maintain situational awareness of the entire campus, even in the most challenging emergency conditions. When seconds count, SAFE System is there to help!