get Guests online

Provide interaction with partners and visitors.

Visitors to any environment—schools, colleges, government agencies, retail, hospitality, offices or practically anywhere—arrive expecting easy and secure connectivity for their devices. Secure guest networks allow visitors (vendors, partners, consultants—visitors of any kind) a way to securely access the internet and/or local network resources services over the wireless or wired network.

When done right, guest access is a win for both the end-user and the organization providing it. Guest users are more productive when they can get online quickly and easily. Internet connectivity helps the visitor conduct whatever business or activity brings them to your environment, which also benefits the organization. Modern guest access systems let visitors securely self-provision their devices for internet access without IT involvement, avoiding costly and labor-intensive help desk tickets. These systems let IT teams customize network onboarding workflows, which may be sponsor-initiated, sponsor-approved, or entirely self-service. Guests receive their individual login credentials via SMS, email or printed vouchers.

Secure guest networks must separate and segregate internal and guest traffic to provide iron-clad security for the organization’s LAN and servers. Since guest access is provisioned on the same WLAN and LAN infrastructure carrying internal traffic, this is a significant challenge, and one that is directly addressed by identity-based security measures.