A smooth startup

Configuration Installation for your infrastructure and data management.

As part of out data storage solutions, our experienced team of technicians will assist with the configuration installation of your network and get your new storage solutions up and running with complete control and visibility.

Common storage installation includes:

  • Hardware Installation
  • Software Installation
  • Getting Utilities
  • Connecting to the shared folders
  • Connecting to the NAS
  • Migrating the NAS


After the storage system is physically set up and the basic configuration is established, additional setup tasks must be completed. Depending on the deployment scenario of the storage system, these steps can vary. These additional steps can include:

Running system/os updates
We highly recommend that you run updates to identify, review, and install the latest, applicable, critical security updates on the storage system.

Creating and managing users and groups
User and group information and permissions determine whether a user can access files. If the storage system is deployed into a workgroup environment, this user and group information is stored locally on the device. By contrast, if the storage system is deployed into a domain environment, user and group information is stored on the domain.

Joining workgroup and domains
These are the two system environments for users and groups. Users and groups in a domain environment are managed through standard Windows or Active Directory domain administration methods.

Using Ethernet NIC teaming (optional)
Select models are equipped with an HP or Broadcom NIC Teaming utility. The utility allows administrators to configure and monitor Ethernet network interface controller (NIC) teams in a Windows-based operating system. These teams provide options for increasing fault tolerance and throughput.

Adjusting logging for system, application, and security events.

Installing third-party software applications
For example, these might include an antivirus application that you install.