Affordable Offsite Data Protection

Are cloud backups the right storage solution for your organization?

Off-site data backup solutions and protection is a critical piece of any business’s data protection strategy, as corporate data is always at risk from accidental loss, malicious threats, or natural disasters. Keeping a copy of critical data in a separate location safeguards it against loss, providing a further layer of protection. In addition, an off-site location can securely store archived content that is no longer in use. Tech Check supports multiple cloud storage providers, located around the world, for affordable fast offsite storage. Cloud backups to third-party cloud storage providers allows our customers a seamless way to protect their Windows, Mac, and Linux environment off-site.

Cost Effective
Public cloud backups through storage providers like Amazon and Google offer the lowest prices for storage with a pay-for-use model, rather than flat-fee storage tiers.

Zero Knowledge Security
Industry-standard AES-256 encryption assures customers that their data and their encryption keys remain theirs, regardless of whether their cloud storage provider suffers a security breach.

No Cloud Storage Lock-in
The cloud storage landscape is evolving fast, and customers are always able to find the best fit for their environment by migrating between providers.

Advanced Seeding and Large Scale Recovery Support
Bandwidth is a limiting factor for cloud backup, so Tech Check supports seeding options for the initial backup and large scale recovery for large restore scenarios.