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Eagan High School Takes on Vaping with New Vape Sensors

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Student using vape in school - HALO Smart Sensor

Eagan High School Takes on Vaping with New Vape Sensors

In his third session with Eagan students Tuesday, nationally known speaker Robb Holladay spoke candidly about vaping and its dangers. It’s a message Eagan High School wanted every ninth through 12th-grader to hear. “I think it’s good for the students to be informed and to just warn people of what it actually does,” said sophomore Jake Pankratz. Students we talked with say vaping is prevalent among their peers. “I’ve seen it a lot in the bathrooms, right by our lunchroom there are no detectors in there, and I’ve walked in and seen people vaping, not even in stalls, not even trying to hide it,” added sophomore Gabriella Kunze.

To try to deter vaping, the high school has installed vape sensors in some bathrooms. The sensors pick up the vape chemicals.

“We get alerted immediately on our cellphones, we get text messages right away and descend on the room and figure out who’s in there and what they’ve got,” said Eagan High School Principal Dr. Polly Reikowski.

So far, the sensors have been installed in five bathrooms. Reikowski said the technology, combined with the presentation, is raising awareness. “I think it’s a life and death problem for our young people and I want them to be sure they know what they are dealing with because I feel like they’ve been taken advantage of by these industries to believe these things are safe,” she said.

The vape sensors and speaker were all paid for by parents who raised money and then donated it to the school.

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Jessica Miles, KSTP-TV, LLC A Hubbard Broadcasting Company

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