A real-time vape detector and security device!

Perfect for education facilities, Tech Check can design and install a security network with the HALO Smart Sensor, a multi-sensor capable of detecting vape, smoke, and abnormal sounds like shouting in areas a camera cannot be placed. Additional sensors give HALO the ability to monitor air quality for temperature, humidity, hazardous chemicals and more!

Multiple Sensors

The HALO Smart Sensor has 12 unique detection sensors that work in conjunction to detect a multitude of measurements with unlimited customization. It’s the only Vape Detector that detects THC oil!

Audio Analytics
• Abnormal Noise Level Detection
• Gunshot Detection (Coming Soon)
• Glass Break (Coming Soon)
• Shouting (Coming Soon)
• Excessive Banging (Coming Soon)
• Occupancy (Coming Soon)
• Bullying (Coming Soon)

Air Quality
• Vape
• Smoke
• Formaldehyde
• Benzene
• Particulates
• Volatile Organic Compounds

• Ammonia
• Carbon Monoxide
• Carbon Dioxide
• Nitrogen

• Occupancy
• Sensitivity

• Temperature
• Humidity
• Tamper
• Pressure

Efficiency In Mind

HALO is a fully integrated device that can be seamlessly added to any existing camera and security systems.

No Reoccurring Cloud Fees
Connect Easily to Security Camera System
Real-Time Alerts
Less False Alarms

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