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Remote Work for Government is Here to Stay, Make Sure it’s Secure

Remote Work for Government is Here to Stay, Make Sure it’s Secure

Remote Work for Government is Here to Stay, Make Sure it’s Secure

Remote government workers – practically overnight, we’ve gone from just a few to more than 90%. Many agencies have supported mobility and remote work on limited basis for years, but the global pandemic has forced just about everyone to work from home as social distancing helps keep everyone safe.

Productivity benefits of remote work

Beyond health and safety, many agencies are seeing improved productivity from their dedicated employees who are working remotely. As an example from the Federal government, NPR reports that the Social Security Administration has reduced their case backlog by 11%. Many state and local agencies are also reporting similar improvements. When we get to “the new normal,” it looks like remote work will remain an important priority for all governments.

New attack vectors

To fully realize the benefits of remote work, it must be secure. You need to defend against new threats including:

  • Mission-critical data is now traveling over networks you do not control, like insecure home networks or public Wi-Fi
  • Employees are probably working with personally owned devices, which are often out-of-date, vulnerable or generally insecure
  • Cyber criminals are using clever tactics to spread malware or trick people into revealing privileged access credentials.

Overworked network and security teams

The rapid shift to remote work places a sudden strain on both your security and IT teams. They’re facing dual challenges of quickly providing support for large numbers of offsite workers and their devices — without compromising security. And many of them find themselves working remotely too. How can you ensure that everyone can connect securely and be productive from anywhere, on any device?

Make remote working simple

In this new reality, you need a simple and easy way to secure remote workers at the speed and the scale needed to serve your community.

Secure remote worker solutions unify user and device protection, making it easy to verify, enable secure access and defend remote workers at anytime from anywhere. This integrated solution helps accelerate your agency’s success with security that works together,  all while being easy to deploy and offering quick results.

Integrated security makes remote work more effective

Secure remote worker solutions are important security capabilities, but they’re not a set of disconnected, uncoordinated products. They work together to make your overall security program more effective.

Remote work – you can do it

Unexpectedly and practically overnight, you need highly scalable, secure telework options to keep your agency functioning and productive. With Tech Check, you can do it.

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