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How to Select the Right Thermal Temperature Screening System

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Tech Check Thermal Temperature Screening System in-use at a local school

How to Select the Right Thermal Temperature Screening System

What to know when evaluating temperature screening systems for your organization

Like it or not, temperature screening is an integral part of our daily lives now. Providing temperature pre-screening before individuals enter your building or facility can facilitate safe reopening and continued operation of organizations across a variety of industries after the coronavirus pandemic affected schools, government facilities, and businesses of all sizes.

What is Temperature Screening?

Temperature screening is a safe and quick way to pre-screen people to determine if they have a normal temperature before they enter a business or organization. If a person is detected to have an abnormal or above average skin-surface temperature, it may be an indicator of illness (i.e. COVID-19). Temperature screening can identify individuals who may have elevated skin-surface temperature and they can be declined immediate entry into a building to avoid spreading germs to others. Those individuals may be offered a secondary screening by qualified personnel to evaluate elevated temperature with the appropriate FDA-approved medical device.

Why Organizations Should Implement Temperature Screening Solutions

Reopening facilities safely after coronavirus spread means taking safety precautions. Temperature screening can help organizations from a wide range of industries pre-screen students, staff, visitors, and vendors for abnormal temperature. Screening helps the security team identify individuals who are exhibiting signs of potential illness. It helps them manage access to the facility and deny entry to an individual whose temperature is not within normal range, reducing the risk of spreading germs.

What Are the Different Types of Screening Methods?

There are several types of temperature screening methods that offer various features depending on the type of business and application. Temperature check methods range from thermographic handheld manual cameras to short, mid and long-range screening cameras. Solutions also consist of temperature screening terminals for touch-free access control, temperature screening and mask detection that can be paired with a self-screening health questionnaire accessible by scanning a QR code. The touch-free QR code method limits germ exposure by avoiding touch screen entry.

Handheld Camera:

  • ±0.9 degrees Fahrenheit Accuracy (±0.5 degrees Celsius)
  • Excellent Portability
  • Very Affordable

The handheld thermographic camera is an effective mobile screening solution with temperature measurement accuracy of up to ±0.9 degrees Fahrenheit. It provides effective temperature reading at distances between 3.3 to 6.6 feet, which can satisfy social distancing requirements to ensure health and safety in the wake of COVID-19. Built-in audible and visual alarms notify the operator when an elevated temperature is detected. The camera can also be readily mounted on an optional tripod accessory and remotely monitored over Wi-Fi using a free desktop app or free mobile app.

Automated Thermographic Camera Temperature Screening: 

  • ±0.9 degrees Fahrenheit Accuracy (±0.5 degrees Celsius)
  • Mask Detection and Enforcement
  • Automated Voice Alarms
  • Rapid Screening in Less Than 1 Second

Tech Check offers several short, mid and long-range cameras that provide automated and rapid temperature screening. Pre-screening takes less than one second, is highly accurate, and it offers contactless measurement from a distance. Depending on the camera model, skin-surface temperature can be accurately assessed from distances of 2.6 feet up to 23 feet. The short-range turret and mid-range bullet cameras can be mounted onto a tripod for a portable solution or affixed to a wall or ceiling for a long-term solution. The cameras can measure skin-surface temperature, providing faster, more precise screening. Other available features include face mask detection and automated voice alarms.

The long-range bullet camera provides a wider effective measurement range with a higher thermographic resolution, and it is equipped with face detection and mask detection.

Skin-surface temperature accuracy can be boosted for higher accuracy up to ± 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit (0.3 degrees Celsius) when using a blackbody calibrator accessory.

Thermographic Cameras Paired with Temperature Screening Terminals:

Short, mid and long-range thermographic cameras can be paired with the access control terminal for high accuracy temperature screening with mask detection. The terminal identifies if a mask is being worn as an individual enters a building, and can be used:

  • For temperature scanning only (without access control functions)
  • As an access control device with multiple authentication modes, including access control card with normal temperature reading

During the temperature screening process, an audible warning will alert if no mask is detected. The person will be denied entrance if the terminal is being used as an access control device.

Terminals are a great solution to enable safe operations for small retailers, including restaurants, markets and grocers, coffee shops, gyms and boutiques. The terminal uses a Wi-Fi connection and power outlet, enabling easy installation and flexible placement. Designed for customers that want to ensure safety while operating on a discerning budget, the touchless terminal rapidly screens skin-surface temperature and provides face mask detection with audible alerts. The terminal uploads abnormal temperature event records for easy reporting and tracking.

Evaluate Your Budget and Goals

The first step is to sit down and evaluate your budget, not only for the initial investment, but for any ongoing expenses as well. In some cases, you may be able to save on your current budget. Next, analyze your operational and business goals to ensure the solution you choose aligns with both. Tech Check can help you determine budget options and evaluate which system is best for your business.

Choose Your Solution According to Your Industry and Application

Temperature screening is an affordable and effective solution for a variety of industries and businesses of all sizes, including small and mid-sized businesses, large organizations, restaurants, hospitals, schools, manufacturers and more.

Small businesses such as retailers, restaurants and grocers can begin with implementation of a handheld device manually at the entrance, or install an automated temperature screening thermographic camera to ensure constant screening prior to allowing people to enter the facility. Optional temperature screening terminal with access control can be installed for high volume lobbies and larger buildings.

All-in-one temperature screening solutions for schools and campuses can help today’s education leaders to safely reopen, ensuring the safety of students, staff and visitors. To safeguard children and return to school, temperature screening at school entrances is highly recommended.

Easy-to-operate temperature detection cameras can facilitate safe operations and advanced screening for government facilities. Thermal cameras can help these facilities easily and quickly pre-screen staff and visitors before they enter. Pre-screening takes less than one second, is highly accurate, and it offers contactless measurement from a distance. Our rapid deployment solutions can be installed quickly and easily.

Discover Back to Business Temperature Screening Solutions

Tech Check specializes in a wide array of temperature screening solutions, for a broad range of market segments and organizations, helping to safeguard people and to ensure compliance.

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