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Education 2021: Four Areas in Focus

Education 2021: Four Areas in Focus

Education 2021: Four Areas in Focus

Improving education in the midst of a pandemic is the challenge of our time. To help with this, many institutions are turning to cloud tools to rapidly innovate on behalf of students.

There are four main areas where education organizations have been driving improvements, and we expect to see even more momentum in these in 2021:

  • Enabling virtual learning and support
  • Drawing insights from complex data
  • Ensuring compliance without compromise
  • Enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion

Enabling virtual learning and support

The pandemic accelerated an ongoing shift in education to moving more work, research, and learning online. It’s incredible how quickly educators pivoted from in-person to virtual or hybrid learning. More than 150 million teachers and students worldwide use G Suite for Education, up from 80 million at the start of 2019. In addition to using Google Meet for virtual learning and work, we’re also seeing organizations launch virtual agents to provide real time support 24/7 to help families and communities understand everything from school reopening to COVID testing.

Drawing insights from complex data

Schools have access to a lot of data, but this is often sitting across hundreds or thousands of sources, so historically, it has not been easy to make sense of it. But now with cloud tools for analytics, education leaders can get real-time insights like understanding which students may be at risk of failing a course or dropping out.

Ensuring compliance without compromise

The security and compliance requirements that education and government entities face can sometimes seem like a challenge or roadblock, but Cloud tools can help institutions meet their needs for compliance and also be an enabler for transformation. Also using the Cloud means that education leaders don’t have “to worry about deploying the physical resources to run those services on-premises and can shift resources to other priorities across campus,” according to Bill Thomson at Lafayette College.

Enhancing diversity, equity and inclusion

Schools and universities continue to grapple with how they can ensure equal opportunity for all students, educators, and researchers, regardless of their race, gender, and financial resources. There is no question the pandemic will continue to exacerbate inequalities unless we make active efforts to understand and address the issues.

Tech Check is able to provide and set up Google Cloud services for your education organization. Google Cloud can help students, educators, and researchers get ahead with everything from collaborative tools to secure infrastructure that yields new insights. G Suite for Education is a suite of best-in-class productivity tools built for teaching and learning that meet complex technology needs.

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